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New City Photographic Society

Central Club Challenge 2007


Image of the Evening – Doug Child of NCPS with ‘Gallery’

1.  Oxford PC                                                                    94

2.  New City PS                                                                 92

3.  St Albans DPS                                                              89

4.  Leighton Buzzard PS                                                 88

4.  Ampthill DCC                                                                88

6.  Shillington DCC                                                           86

7.  Bedford CC                                                                  85

7.  Biggleswade CC                                                          85

9.  Buckingham CC                                                          83

9.  Northampton CC                                                         83

11. Rushden DPS                                                             82

12. Vauxhall Chilterns PC                                               81

12. Olney CC                                                                     81

14. Focus                                                                           80

14. Kempston CC   80       

CACC Rosebowl Interclub Competition

Round 1                                           Round 2                                            Round 3

26th Oct 2006                                 16th Jan 2007                                   15th Feb 2007

clubs:- Park St.     255                   Marlow                   247                  Wallingford     255

NCPS                    252                  NCPS                     274                   NCPS             250

Leighton Buzzard  250                    Hemel Hempstead 267                     Henley

Stokenchurch        234                   Harpenden             259                   St Albans        245

                                                    Judge Terry Coffey                       Judge Ian Bateman


NCPS entries and individual scores

Author                                Title                       Round 1                   Round 2              Round 3     

Ian Mellor                  Shadows                       20                           19                     14

Tracy Simpson        Abigail                          17                            19                    16                              

Jeff Watt                    Snail on a leaf               16                            20                    18

Ian Mellor                   Pagoda (replaced round 2)  16 Lounge Window 19                   17

Fred Wood                Scratby Beach              17                            17                    15

Cathal Gantley         Rachel                          16                            16                    17

Colin Mill                   Brograve Mill                18                            19                    19

Colin Mill                   Antelope Biker              17                            18                    16

Doug Child                Old Man                        15                            17                    18

Peter Laws                 Coming Home             17                            18                    15

Doug Child                 U.S. Cop                      16                            16                    16

Simon Raynor            Solo                             16                            20                    18          

Doug Child                 Holly                             17                           17                     16

Colin Mill                      Darter                           16                           20                     20*

Simon Raynor             Scarlet                        18                            18                  15

Buckingham Exhibition of MKPA Prints (Includes the following work from NCPS Members)

Friday 23rd February to Wednesday 7th March Monday – Saturday 10am to 4pm

In the Old Gaol admission £2.00, concessions + children £1.50 Family 2 + 2 = £5.00

This includes admission to the Old Gaol Museum


Punks a lot by Ian Mellor                                                 Figure Shape by Ian Mellor
Hulks by Simon Raynor                                                   Border Country by Simon Raynor


Balconies by Nigel Lindsell                                              Dylan by Tony Crabtree
Street Tango Lesson by Tony Crabtree                         One over the eight by Ian Mellor
Proud by Simon Raynor                                                  Solitude by Simon Raynor
Lunch break by Simon Raynor                                        Pierrot by Doug Child
Couples by Tricia Kirby                                                   Picture of Innocence by Angelika Braid
Hi by Angelika Braid                                                        Other Worlds by Graham Allsop
Lady Chapel Long Melford by Sheila Allsop

There are a total of 50 prints in the exhibition  

MKPA Print Competition Results

Colour Section

1st place         Proud                               by Simon Raynor    NCPS
2nd place        Conversation                     by Alan Saint           LBPC
3rd place         Lunch Break                      by Simon Raynor    NCPS

Highly Commended    

Picture of Innocence     by Angelika Braid    NCPS
Leeds                         by Mike Kirby            BCC
Open Wide                 by Pauline Goldsworthy BBC


Chesil Beach               by Marion Lowe     BCC
Dylan                         by Tony Crabtree   NCPS
Pierrot                       by Doug Child      NCPS

Monochrome Section

1st place         Three Windows                     by Dave Gillow   LBPC
2nd Place       Shadows                                by Sarah Jennings  BCC
3rd Place        Departure Lounge                   by Carol Gillow  LBPC

Highly Commended    

Branch Line                 by Roger Gage    LBPC


What do you want to know?       By John Credland  BCC     

MKPA AV Competition

Congratulations to Doug, Ian and Tracy for their winning entries and thanks to all members who brought along contributions for the refreshments. Photographs of the certificate presentations have been sent through to Leighton Buzzard PS who will choose what goes in the next MKPA newsletter.

MKPA AV Competition Thursday 25th January 2007 Hosted by NCPS and Judged by Barry Holmes

Title Points Club

First Place Brazil 17 NCPS by Doug Child

Second Place Dreaming 15 Focus by Ian Mellor

Third Place Safari 3 14 LBPC by Roger Gage

Highly Commended Night Visitor 13 LBPC by Dave & Carol Gillow

Highly Commended Our House 13 NCPS by Tracy Simpson

The marks were out of 20. (Up to 5 each for music, images, technical skill with software and appeal of presentation) All entries reflected a large amount of work and showed impressive skill by their authors. Very well done to everyone who took part, viewing you work was entertaining and interesting. All the award winners will receive a certificate and Doug will get to take care of the trophy until next year’s competition.

The Phil Atkinson Memorial Competition

This competition has its closing date coinciding with the club summer exhibition but we shall need a good number of entries since the intention at present is to use these for our display at Photoclub 2007 being staged by Buckingham CC on 14th October. Please see the red book or the website for rules for these Special Competitions.

MKPA Projected Image Competition Results


Colin Mill                                  NCPS                After the Storm

John Credland                        BCC                  British Summertime

Jeff Watt                                  NCPS                Curly Snail

Leigh Sperring                        BCC                  Flying Sparrow

Tracy Simpson                       NCPS                Tears before bedtime

Highly Commended

Paul Raynor   …slide             BCC                  Vestal Celebration

Ian Mellor                                NCPS                Freedom

Pauline Goldsworthy                                        Open Wide

Andrew Heldon                       LBPC                Touchdown

3rd Place    Tracy Simpson  NCPS        Hyper 

2nd Place       Doug Child  NCPS             Preview

1st Place      Colin Mill   NCPS                We don’t talk

congratulations to all our winners and thanks to all other NCPS members who supported the event by entering their work.                  

Change to competition entry fee

 A reminder that the change to entry fees for the club competitions.

The entry fee too all competitions this season is 40p per entry




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